Why Macarons

I am a great lover of good macarons, however good ones are really hard to find… the real beauties have a flavour that is fresh and vibrant and a texture that just melts in the mouth. I am a great fan of unusual flavours, but not flowery flavours so licorice is good, rose is not great! My favourite to date is a Pierre Hermes ‘Red Berries and Mint Macaron’.
Due to current popularity there are a lot of imposters on the market, just sweet round discs that taste of very little.

So the Macaron challenge was my New Years resolution. People asked me “Why?” and I responded “Why not?” I think if the truth be known I want to justify to myself that paying more than £2 for just one macaron is well worth it…. That and my liking for a science experiment.

However today the competition went up a gear when interest came in from twitter, and then my good friend knocked out a batch of her ginger macarons! Now its game on! Its time to step this up and master the Macaron!

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