The Handmade Burger Company

As a kid…. We never had burgers…. I was the teenager that craved a sandwich not fast food. I guess it was Mum’s amazing home cooking… it made me look at what the High Street had to offer and thought I would wait till I got home!

As an adult I have grown to love the Burger …. My good Friend and I enviably pick the burger from the menu and then rank it next to other ones we have tried….

The Handmade Burger Company ranks very highly on the scale, of great to awesome burgers. I am such a great fan of this place. I love it when the burger is freshly made with fresh juicy salad, in a warm toasted bread bun. Well who wouldn’t?

Choose your burger choose your side, with more than 40 choices of burgers you can have what ever you fancy! The Handmade Burger Company delivers that and a whole lot more, the customer service is great and so is the atmosphere. I selected The Jimmy’s Farm rare breeds burger, it was juicy and delicious with a tangy onion chutney. Next time I am in Reading…. will be making a revisit.

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