“The Mostly Foodie Days Of” Sponsored Post

The mylegoman brand is followed by some of the most prestigious chefs, restaurants, hotels and food producers. This quirky take on the world of food has grown in popularity over the last three years, promoting people, places and products… generally by plonking plastic in pastry! This is your opportunity to get involved in the mylegoman brand and take advantage of it prestigious following by sponsoring a national day. The Mostly Foodie Days Of… poster contains 365 days of celebration in 2019, and this year a limited number of them are up for sponsorship.

The concept is simple:

1) Click here to select a day that most suits your brand

2) Complete the online form

3) Then mylegoman will do the rest

The social media reach of the mylegoman brand is in excess of 13000 followers. Over a month the twitter reach alone is in excess of 500k impressions. With a good tweet having 50k to 100k impressions. This would be a way for your company to use one of the very few social media influences in the food world to promote you product.  This would be strategic affiliate marketing bespoke to your brand at a incredibly reasonable introductory rate of £150.