A2 Poster Mostly Foodie Days Of 2024


The Mostly Foodie Days Of.   

Social Media Calendar 2024

A2 Poster
Measuring 42cm x 59.5cm.

The Mostly Foodie Days Of 2024 is a guide to National Food Days. 2024 leans very much towards Blighty cuisine! …. Celebrate the Roast Potato, Stilton Cheese, a classic slice Victoria Sponge Cake along with the nations favourite Sticky Toffe Pudding Day. This calendar perks up meal times, plans social media posts, and inspires baking challenges!

Filled with Foodie Holidays, Famous Birthdays, Big Days and a smattering of Events, Full Moons, Star Signs this quirky calendar is the must have for all your gastronomic endeavors…. What could possibly be a better gift for your foodie friends? Even better, hog it to yourself and be the envy of all your pals.  – the perfect accompaniment to your kitchen wall (other walls also accepted)