Scarfes Bar London

We were a little early for Afternoon Tea so decided to pop into Scarfes Bar in Holborn. Not that we needed any excuse….. The bars interior is an eclectic mix of science museum, art gallery and library… their own description is better a ‘Sophisticated Gentlemans Club’ With its comfy seating, warming fires, books and interesting antique pieces amongst the Gerald Scarfe caricaturist paintings along the walls.

Even better than the interior was an extensive Gin menu to ponder and decide over. This is where you truly discover that asking for a Gin and Tonic is not quite as simple as you first thought.

After a good ten minutes of excitement with the Gin Menu I decided to go for the Tanqueray, Rangpur Gin. It has a distinctive citrus flavour. I will let you look up a Rangpur Lime it was far from what I expected! Rangpur Gin was my first favourite gin before gin hit the age of the ‘Gin-aissance’.

So there we were sat in the delightful Scarfes Bar on a cosy velvet sofa with a extensive gin menu, roaring fire, surrounded by books painting and interesting antiques…. It was a fabulous place to spend an hour.

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