I have lived and worked in and around Oxford for most of my life. It’s a city that you will find in every tourist guide of Great Britain. It’s also a city split in half the ‘Dreaming Spires’ and Academia on one half and areas with some of the lowest deprivation in England on the other. Its multicultural society, ethnic diversity academic diversity make it much more interesting than the typical tourist guide will lead you to believe!

I love the summer holidays where the center is packed with tourists from all corners of the globe all wanting to know where Oxford University is?… an almost impossible question to answer.

The City Centre is full of iconic buildings linked to the University and all very familiar having watched Inspector Morse. However it’s a place that you need to pause, stand and stare and look upwards… because the building are most beautiful way above street level!

My top recommendations are to see the sites in the guide books quickly… then head out of the centre… flip a coin for the cool North Oxford or East to the Cowley Road. Once off the beaten track you can experience the real Oxford in my opinion.

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