Mothers Day

Mothers Day is hard for some of us. The Mothers Day advertising world is big business with every advert on the telly and all shops pushing their Mothers Day special offers. Social Media covered in overly slushy messages, junk mail offers in the post…. It feels like you are bombarded from every angle, when you’re hyper sensitive to it! Not wanting to be down or overly sentimental decided to go out on a big food binge around the county. Cake solves most things after all……

I put the top down on my MX5 and picked up my good friend, it was far too cold to have the top down even with heated seats and the heater blasting….. So the ‘Thelma ad Louise’ plan failed! The rules of the day, no radio and no mobile phones, we were going off the radar for a few hours!

First stop Brunch in ‘Joe’s Bar & Grill’ in Summertown, open from 9:30am everyday. I really like Joe’s, I would say it’s a regular haunt because of its good fresh food; friendly service and you can eat whatever you want no matter what the time! However Brunch was on the agenda today and the full breakfast was required. Comfortably stuffed we jumped back in the car…..

Next Stop….. Burford for cake and coffee… we pondered the Burford Garden Company… but on Mothers Day you have to be kidding. So went into Burford for a trip to Maison Blanc ….. It was just about cake time! And everyone has their own pudding stomach… Burford is a delightful quintessential Cotswold town usually rammed with coach loads of tourists peering in windows, and taking selfies in the high street!

Plumped for the Millefeuille and a Flat White, the place was rammed with families, but tucked in the corner we were able to talk, chat, laugh and plot the next cake shop…..

Jumped back in the car… for a long drive to the other side of Oxfordshire and a trip to The Quince Tree, in Stoner near Henley. This was going to have to be a quick one, the time was knocking on to closing time. I didn’t need the 5th coffee but had it anyway and I certainly didn’t need cake, however cake was the order of the day and their lemon drizzle cake was delicious.

All in all it was a great day out, a good laugh, with a great friend and lots of cake, Mothers Day over for another year!

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