Monkey Media Case Study

Monkey Media Case Study

One of my friends has taken up Open Water swimming… to me this is utter madness! Each to their own. Swimming in water where the temperature is beyond chilly and you cant see what lurks beneath is so not my thing at all.

However I am I am great supporter of things I cant do! So have got involved with @swimoxford to promote their swimming events during the season.  SwimOxford is a small club that puts together a series of open water swimming events in the river Thames near Oxford.

Over the last few months I have taken photo in and around oxford to promote their events and get more traffic to their website

They have four events running this summer Lock to Lock 4k, Lock to Lock 6k, Lock to Lock 10k and the Oxford Classic Mile.

Watch out for the Classic Mile where my Godson has decided to swim down the Thames promoting mylegoman as a bit of fun!

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