Monkey Marketing

Monkey Marketing

Monkey Marketing is a product placement service.

With your product I can create photographs and humorous storyboards with the accompanying Tweet. This will add a new dimension to your online social media marketing strategy. The photographs disrupt the expected scene and make the viewer place the product differently.

The tweets will come directly from my account with relevant companies and individuals to your business tagged in. With the reach that my Twitter account has combined with the followers to your brand a larger target market can be achieved.

This unique way of advertising your product is both clever and quirky. The soft humour that I use with the playful use of your brand draws attention to the product in a distinctly different format.

This style may well be very different to your own marketing style however the contrast engages a different set of people towards your brand and adds an element of fun to your product, making your company more approachable to its customers.


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