By disrupting the expected you draw attention to the detail.

mylegoman is a powerful and clever way to add a playful dimension to your social media strategy…

mylegoman has a social media reach of 13000 followers these come from the food industry, world class chefs, celebrity chefs, restaurants, food brands, food bloggers, foodies and friends!

The profile attracts followers because it simply engages, entertains and celebrates the food world. mylegoman simply plonks plastic in pastry for a smile however this playful approach to the food world engages everyone from the homebaker to the professional chef and the elite Michelin stared restaurant.

The opportunities, experiences and people mylegoman has met over the last three years has been incredible as my social media profile has grown. Monkey Buisness is a way for your business to engage with the mylegoman following and reach out to the food producers, chefs, restuarants that I engage with every day to showcase your business.

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Monkey Swingby

mylegoman arrives at your restaurant with some branded little figures take some photo’s and tweet them from my account with a playful comment. Your restaurant and staff retweet and we target your audience with something that is eye catching and fun. It may well be different from your online marketing strategy, but different is good way to grab attention.

Monkey Marketing

You send me your product and I’ll take some clever photos, highlighting your brand. These will get posted out from my social media accounts and re-posted by your company to send the message far and wide.

Monkey Media

If you have an event, new menu or opening coming up that needs to be advertised then a set of tweets can be put out over time to keep on top of your social media or add to your publicity.

Monkey Me

mylegoman can create photographs tailored to your need and only limited by your imagination. What about a new profile picture, wedding cards, family portrait, photographed avatars of you when you can’t be in two places at once.

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