Mallory Court Afternoon Tea

Why Mallory Court?…..they kind of found me through a celebration of Masterchef and Twitter. Mallory Court has just won AA Small Hotel Group of the Year, along with the excellent hotels within its group… They have to be on my ‘must visit’ in 2016 list. The website boasts “guests to Mallory inevitably fall in love and return time and time again.” and after my visit I couldn’t agree more…. This manor house near Leamington Spa is easy to find and as you draw into the car park you quickly feel warm and welcomed into a home.

After my banter through twitter with Mallory Court I think they were expecting someone a little more impressive than me turning up. I did warn them that I was more super geek than secret agent. Luckily I wasn’t booked in as @mylegoman but they did assume that I was a Mr….

I am a great fan of Afternoon Tea, it`s quintessentially English and it contains macarons! What more could anyone want? Afternoon Tea sits comfortably with the family motto,  ‘suffer the main course to get to the pudding’…. The ratio of sweet to savory is good.

Sitting down in the lounge with a roaring fire in a comfy sofa watching the flames dance about while chatting and taking afternoon tea should be a much more regular occurrence in our lives.

This was a delightful afternoon tea, perfect sandwiches with classic English fillings, beautiful scones with clotted cream and strawberry jam and then a delight of patisserie to try out including comforting rhubarb and custard and chocolate and pumpkin macarons.

For me Mallory Court has it all. The atmosphere in the hotel is just lovely. It is like sitting in your very own dream home. The hospitality of the staff is exceptional; they are friendly, interested, attentive and yet not intrusive. The food created by Paul Foster is just great, afternoon tea exceeded my expectations. I will definitely be going back for a revisit…. I just can’t decide if it will be for the taster menu or Afternoon Tea in the sunshine?

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