Macaron V mylegoman Batch 3

Further Progress Made Again!

To save you the job of all the experimenting and reading that I have done….. This is the cut to chase on Batch 3!

Separate 3 large free range eggs at room temp. Place whites in microwave 25 seconds lowest power rating. Measure out 70g caster sugar. In a separate bowl sieve 120g ground almonds and 230g of icing sugar. Sieve them again… chuck out any large bits. Find gel or powdered food colouring. Whip the egg whites in a large steel bowl don’t over whip the egg whites, slowly…… spoonful at a time add the 70g of caster sugar. Add your gel colour. Sieve the ground almonds and icing sugar to the egg whites through a sieve. Fold 40 times until the mixtures is sticky and lava like. Add to a piping bag. Pipe vertical on baking parchment in even circle. Bang the baking tray on the bench 3 times from each side. Leave for 30 minutes. Switch oven on 140c. Put macarons in oven, open the door a couple of times while cooking. Remove from oven after 15minutes. Leave to cool completely.

While these ones look the business the filling was a disaster! And freeze dried raspberries in the oven was not my greatest move!  Revolting is an understatement!

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