Macaron V mylegoman Batch 2

The thing is with Macarons, they may not look great however they always taste delicious! How can they not with almonds, eggs and sugar……. The green ones…. With my new knowledge…. No liquid food colouring, only gel colours or powdered colours….and a new recipe 70g caster sugar, 120g ground almonds, 230g icing sugar and three egg whites. The New recipe came from Mark Stinchcombe the winner of Masterchef the professional 2015 after a Twitter appeal for help.

I remembered to age the egg whites in the microwave… forgot to bang the baking tray. Not great! The kitchen once again covered in sticky stuff…… Green sticky stuff this time…. this batch….stuck to the baking parchment and hit the bin! They were raw inside….However on a positive…. I grew feet and progress has definitely been made.

With a quick critic from Cherish Finden (Judge on Crème de la Crème)  I had over worked the mixture! Ummm. So combining 4 ingredients is not so easy.

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