Jacobs Inn, Wolvercote Oxfordshire

Given the task of getting a table at an Oxford Restaurant for dinner on a Saturday Night is not easy especially when the time is 4:30pm already! I decided to see if Twitter could help….

My Tweet read “Now which restaurant is going to have the pleasure of my company?” and tagged in 10 restaurants in Oxford, hoping that one of them might snap my offer up…. Amazingly Jacobs Inn made contact, how is that for customer service? Excellent by all accounts! My good friends had raved about the restaurant but this was to be my first visit. Via my continued banter over twitter the soft shell crab was recommended… they may indeed have been good but I like my food to have a bit of distance between being alive and on the plate… it’s a personal thing!

The meal was three courses of delight…. hot smoked salmon, the steak burger and the plum fool to finish. The atmosphere was great, and the service was perfect.

With my good friend we often sample the Burger on a night out and rate them. This one was good, really good. However the star of the show was the pudding. Our family motto has always been to “Suffer the main course to get to the pudding”. Selecting a pudding always has a set of criteria in my world…. No savory ingredients… Rice, Bread, Pastry. Not too sickly, so no toffee, caramel, treacle, no puddings, steamed sponges or anything recreated from C1800’s feasts. The ideal puddings for me usually involve fruit, cream and meringue.

The upshot of these criteria is that I only managed to reduce the dessert menu from 7 deserts to 5, and then had to ask the audience to pick. The only crying shame I was to too full to have a second crack at the dessert menu!

All in all I will definitely be returning to Jacobs Inn for dinner, I don’t think they will mind accommodating me after a retweet by The Good Pub Guide @GoodPubGuide

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