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The last birthday cake that was made for me was a very long time ago, the cake was made by my Mum for my 18th Birthday… a disastrous day as I recall… where I had failed badly in my A’level Maths exam and then desperately wanted to go to a pub to buy an alcoholic drink legally… But arrived home to find my Mum had organised the neighbours to come round for CAKE…!!!! The cake was great, fabulous in fact… but not quite what I had in mind for my 18th!

You always feel that your Birthday should be your “special day”… but more often than not they just pass by without the overwhelming feeling of being a special celebration… However this year the prospect of being “droopy draws forty four” was more exciting than being an hyperactive eight year old with a new puppy! Because this year it was all about CAKE!

The pastry community had taken me under their wing after Crème de la Crème, Bake Off, I had met Cherish Finden and Benoit Blin… but today was all about completing the hat trick and meeting the lovely Claire Clark. Not only was I over excited to meet Claire but she had made her fellow Gemini a BIRTHDAY CAKE… could Birthdays get any better than this? “I don’t think so!”

To arrive in a little village deep in the country to be greeted with a coffee and a TRIFLE!!! Made my day, my week… no it made my YEAR! I am a massive trifle addict… but this was no ordinary trifle… this one was bespoke and had been pimped in @mylegoman branding and then I accessorised the trifle with a mini Claire Clark for a quick photo to savor the moment.

And then there was more… There was the Birthday Cake… Claire made the cake in my very new, branding with my two sausage dogs keeping guard… It looked awesome…How it was even possible to make a cake like that? It stunned me! Made me feel a little bit emotional that someone I hardly knew would make me the perfect gift… But this cake was not just style it was substance as well. Three deep layers of the best chocolate cake I have ever tasted, filled with a chocolately mousse… It tasted incredible. It was a taste sensation… it was the best cake I had ever tasted! (sorry Mum)

After all that excitement I enjoyed the perfect summers afternoon in the garden relaxing and chilling, chatting and laughing the afternoon away… I still can not believe that I actually asked the most boring question in the world…to the most amazing of pastry chef… so go on tell me… what’s your favourite cake?

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