I realised in a Strasbourg café that mylegoman was a little idea that I should continue. As I took out my little companion out of my bag, balance him on my cup of coffee and started to take photos… I was nudged by my travelling companion “look left and right” as I looked across the busy cathedral café other people were searching in there bags for something to photograph… Christo the artist made huge controversial pieces of art work to create new ways of seeing familiar landscapes. I obviously am no Christo but the idea appeals to people because you can buy a postcard of the cathedral, or take a picture of it, but to create something new, a bit different, means you have engaged with your new surroundings.

I only take photos of my little army and the people who I am with on my travels these days.

Forest of Dean

I have had love affair with the Forest of Dean for 20 years now. I used to take groups of students for a residential to the area. Staying in St Briavels, sleeping in the so stated YHA haunted castle, orienteering...


I have lived and worked in and around Oxford for most of my life. It’s a city that you will find in every tourist guide of Great Britain. It’s also a city split in half the ‘Dreaming Spires’ and Academia...