Mostly Foodie Days Of


Mostly Foodie Days Of

The Story So Far

Mostly Foodie Days Of Social Media Calendar 2022

The Mostly Foodie Days Of Social Media journey started in 2017 with the first ever poster created for a foodie friend of mine as a Christmas Present.

Since then a fascination for the National Food and Drinks Days and how they are loved on social media has grown. this year the Mostly Foodie Days Of Social Media poster has moved from being VERY AMERICAN to much more Blighty!  For 2022 poster has a few more national days that really should be in place but were not….. some of my finest inventions since 2017 are….. World Trifle Day, Ruby Chocolate Day, Stilton Day, Victoria Sponge Cake Day, Crumble Day and Battenburg day….. I cant be sure but I think I invented World Marmite Day.



National Shortbread Day

National Shortbread Day on Thursday 6th January. Pretty Sweet and mylegoman have linked up to bring a special treat to you this festive season to help you celebrate National Shortbread Day in style with Claire Clark’s signature shortbread. We know...

#NationalLamingtonDay 21st July 2018

History of Lamingtons The Aussie sponge cake with a chocolate/coconutty covering, masking the secrets of its controversial origins. From its origin story to the debate over raspberry sauce or chocolate the Lamington, one of Australia’s most loved cakes has a...