National Food Days Celebrated with daily discount from Premium Companies through free downloadable app called Foodiedays

Our Story

The Mostly Foodie Days Of Social Media journey started in 2017 with the first ever poster created for a foodie friend of mine as a Christmas Present.

Since then a fascination for the National Food Days and how they are loved on social media. I invented a few of my own to spice up the mix. World Trifle Day , Ruby Chocolate Day and I cant be sure but I think I invented World Marmite Day.

In 2020 myself and my business partner decided to take the MostlyFoodieDaysOf into an app called Foodiedays

Foodiedays App

Foodiedays is a fun calendar app that celebrates those national, and international, food and drink days so beloved on social media. We make it easy for you to scroll through every month and see what popular foodie days exist and learn more about them. Pecan Pie Day, Gin & Tonic Day or Pinot Noir Day anyone? We will also give you an extra reason to celebrate most of the days by linking to a partner’s online shop and providing you with an exclusive discount code to use on the day itself! (Most discount offers will only be available in the UK.)

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Subscriber Benefits

Get to know which National Food Day it is every day with a ‘push notification’ at 8am

Get shown premium products from companies you may not have come across at a discounted price.

Be part of a social media group that celebrates the food and drink industry.

Be able to look ahead in the calendar to see what is coming up.

Who Are We

Carey White

A while ago now I set up mylegoman, to take a photo every day and put it on social media, one thing led to another and I ended up posting about food, often desserts, cakes and pastry chefs. I then became fascinated by all the weird and wonderful National Food Days. With the simple question… if everyone used the food national days then surely it would benefit everyone’s social media’s accounts? This lead to calendar of the year filled with national food and drinks days, holidays, events, full moons and star signs… the mostly foodie days calendar was created. mylegoman social media accounts have more than 10k followers on Instagram and Twitter and is continually astounded by where a box of lego can get you into.

Grant Appleton

I have always been involved in the hospitality industry and in particular marketing and sales. Having started by managing social

media campaigns for hotels, bars and restaurants, this evolved into working with brands within the drinks industry. Marketing drink brands directly to consumers and the trade has been my bread and butter for the last 5 years and I have worked with many well known brands.

How You Can Support Foodiedays

  • Download the app Foodiedays from the Android or Apple Store.
  • Follow us on Social Media @foodiedaysapp on Twitter and Instagram and Foodiedays on Facebook
  • By using the Hashtags #foodiedays #foodiedaysapp in your social media posts
  • Tagging Foodiedays in posts related to the national Food Day.

Working With Us

If you would like to partner with the Foodiedays app for a Food or Drink National day we would love to hear from you hello@mylegoman or touch base through a DM on Social Media. The benefits of working with us include selling your product through a subscribed app to a new foodie audience, and all the sales go directly through your own website, so everything is really simple.

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