The Mostly Foodie Days Of


A lot more than 365 reasons for the getting out of the bed! The perfect read to match your enjoyment of the “Mostly Foodie Days Of” poster.

The Mostly Foodie Days Of social media poster, was born out of desperation to create the perfect Christmas present for a foodie friend of mine. There are multiple national days for each of the days of the year, months to celebrate, weeks to celebrate, birthdays to celebrate. Filled with food holidays, big days and a smattering of sports events, this quirky calendar is the must have for all your gastronomic endeavors. The blog posts will enhance your enjoyment of the year…. So I suggest you buy the poster from the mylegoman shop and watch the foodie days build up with information and adventures from mylegoman.

#NationalLamingtonDay 21st July 2018

History of Lamingtons The Aussie sponge cake with a chocolate/coconutty covering, masking the secrets of its controversial origins. From its origin story to the debate over raspberry sauce or chocolate the Lamington, one of Australia’s most loved cakes has a...