Baking With Chefs


What’s shiny and glistening like a new penny? That’ll be the mylegoman oven!

It’s probably time to admit that I’m no master at baking… or even competent in the kitchen! Having invested in a new kitchen this, it took three months for a ready meal to even grace the presence of the oven! It’s more a place to make a coffee and enjoy a well earned Jammie Dodger. It was however, whilst stood in my kitchen that I had a light bulb-flashing moment of brilliance… it was as if the baking stars had aligned… What if I could learn to bake with the best chefs in the land. It was time to finally turn up the heat in mylegoman’s oven, and seek out the best chefs to help me out!

Cooking With Damien Wager

Plonking plastic in pastry has found me invited to some unique organisations and restaurants and last week I had the pleasure of being invited to see Pastry Chef Damien Wager demonstrate his skills at Bath College. An Apple for Teacher...

Baking With Suzy Pelta

Confession time: in my head, I am a gifted pastry chef. My mum was an amazing baker, I can happily spend hours lost in books on fine patisserie, so it seems obvious to me that I should be able to...

Afternoon Tea With Jane Devonshire

I’ve got the top down on the car, the summer breeze in my hair and Neil Diamond blaring out from the stereo. Perfect… or at least it was until I’m left red-faced at a set of lights by my embarrassing...