My Mum always told me that photographs without people were dull to look at… As a perpetual singleton at a time where “selfies” were not acceptable I had to come up with a different plan… Hence the little man. So back in 2005 I bought a little Viking in Brighton and took my new ‘boyfriend’ down the beach. This then escalated…

Who is mylegoman?
I am obviously a little bit different to the standard. This started at an early age I guess, if I explain that I have a joint honours degree in Art and Biology that might explain a lot? I wanted to become a graphic designer, leaving university with all the skills to do that, but I didn’t think the internet would catch on so trained to be science teacher! A job I very much enjoyed until I turned into one of those moaning staffroom types who had seen it all. When given the opportunity to go it alone I jumped at the chance to readjust the balance between my love of science and art.

My best friend made me a card that she felt defined me… mylegoman is kind, caring, clever and generous. Eats trifle for breakfast. Can’t tell the left from the right. Loves dogs more than humans. Tells you straight no messing. Is always there for you no matter what. Well I guess you best friend wouldn’t write antisocial and moody!

My skills often frustrate even me, I inherited the gene to procrastinate and plan and never actually do anything. My Dad was responsible for this gene and its really hard to fight, so this adventure with Twitter, Instagram and this Website is progress because it is actually happening rather than just being thought about.

What you can expect
I only write about things I have tried out for myself, that way its all about my experience and my opinion… of course I will accept invites to anywhere, I am into giving things a go. I will never write a bad review, if I wasn’t impressed I wont write about it regardless if I gained a free lunch, that way you can trust what I write, because of my honesty.

Please get in touch with me via:

Twitter: @mylegoman

Instagram: @mylegoman2

Email: hello@mylegoman.com

I would like to thank a load of people for supporting me in this little adventure… One said “it’s what you do”, some get annoyed when I have to photograph my dinner before eating it, some just simply believe in my adventure. And some are no longer with us to see how this idea is turning out though they often guide me in the most unlikely ways.